New York Post - March 22, 2003
By: Dan Brinzac
More than just autograph seekers awaited Latrell Sprewell when he arrived at the Garden last night – he was hit with child-support papers as he exited the garage across the street. Process server Juan Aguirre of “Serving by Irving” was waiting for the Knick forward as he parked his black Range Rover at the Park-and-Lock garage on 31st Street.

Aguirre said lawyers had been trying to serve Sprewell for about two weeks with papers in a case brought by his high school sweetheart, with whom he has a teenage daughter.

They finally succeed last night.

“I was waiting since 4 o’clock,” Aguirre, 40 told The Post. When Sprewell arrived around 6:30 pm for last night’s game against the Detroit Pistons, Aguirre let a young man as No.8 for an autograph first. “A young Chinese kid had a photo of Sprewell in a bag that he bought inside MSG for five bucks,” said Aguirre. “I go to him, ‘Get your autograph.’ “As soon as he got it I handed Sprewell the papers.” Sprewell first thought Aguirre was just looking for his John Hancock, too.

“He looks at it and he goes, ‘What’s this?’” said Aguirre. “I say, ‘Child support, dawg. You know it’s all good!’ and he says, ‘No, it ain’t!’” He said Sprewell accepted the papers and kept walking, then took time to sign a homeless man’s cap.

“He took it like a champ,” said Aguirre.

Neither Sprewell’s agent nor Knicks spokespeople returned calls for the comment last night.

Mitralene Maclin, 31 accuses Sprewell in Manhattan Family Court for short-changing their teenage daughter, Aquilla, by paying only $2,000 a month in support.

Maclin wants Sprewell ordered to make support payments of 17 percent of his adjusted gross income – about $12 million – in support.